Brow Tycoon Training L3 (Online) Award in Education and Training (AET) CPD Certified



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Brow Tycoon Training L3 Award in Education and Training will allow you to become accredited with the major ACCREDITATION companies
You can complete the course in TWO days and EDUCATE in 20201.
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Did you know Brow Tycoon Training can teach during lockdown. Why not complete our CPD certified Level 3 Award in Education and Training package including manuals.
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It has taken us 25 years of hard work to get to the position I am in with regards education. Years of writing courses and manuals for a well known food retailer, implementing training courses for the NHS and now a teacher who also works for an examination board.
Our courses are developed and delivered by experts. We have accreditation, certification and qualifications.
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